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Controlling your home's temperature affects your comfort, your mood, and your overall happiness. We want your home to be a place of relaxation and security. Comfort starts with your HVAC system. 

When the summer heat hits Sioux Falls, Tea and Harrisburg, SD, you don't want to be left in a sauna. Don't let the summer heat steal your comfort. In addition to regular maintenance to help your air conditioner function optimally our certified technicians can also repair any brand of AC unit.

AND if you're ready to upgrade to a more efficient unit, we provide free estimates to replace your current system. We can also let you know if you qualify for any rebates. At J&R Mechanical, we trust the Coleman brand of air conditioners to keep your family cool all summer long.

Here are some questions to consider if you're thinking of repairing or replacing your unit:

Frequent repairs

Not providing cool air


Unusual sounds or odors

High electric bills

Is your air conditioner experiencing any of these issues? We’ll inspect your system, diagnose the issue and determine if repairs or air conditioning replacement is required. And if you do need an entirely new system we’ll help you select the most efficient one that works with your needs and your budget!

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

Before giving us a call, we wanted to share some troubleshooting tips to see if a simple solution is all it takes to get your air conditioner running again. 

Your air conditioner won’t come on:

  • Check your circuit breaker to see if a breaker tripped.

  • Check your thermostat to see if it’s set to the right temperature or if it’s in a location that’s cooler than much of the house. 

Air flow is minimal or isn’t blowing cool:

  • Change your air filter.

  • Turn your AC off and set the fan on auto (for a frozen coil).

  • Check your thermostat to make sure it’s on ‘cool’ and ‘auto.’

  • Check the outside unit to see if leaves and debris have collected around the unit, blocking air flow.

Certain rooms are hot: 

  • Make sure a window isn’t open;

  • Check the vents themselves to make sure the registers aren’t blocked.

If these fixes don’t work, it’s time to call a professional air conditioner repair service. 

J & R Mechanical never closes. Emergency AC and furnace repair service is available 24/7/365. We are a fully licensed and insured HVAC repair facility. Call us now if you are having any trouble with your HVAC system, and we'll be there to fix it in no time.

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